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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a cactus like plant of the lily family. It has been used medicinally for over 5000 years. It is known as the miracle plant, the medicine plant and the wand of heaven. It was used by the Ancient Egyptians who called it the plant of immortality

It is best known for its benefits on skin conditions. It helps wounds heal and it soothes and heals burns, stings and insect bites. It is an excellent first aid treatment for burns, including sunburn, scalds, cuts, grazes, stings and bites. Fresh gel from the Aloe Vera should be applied two or three times a day until the wound is healed.

It boosts the immune system and is of benefit to the internal organs.

It is a tonic and will boost your energy and vitality, drinking the juice will give an instant boost.

It acts as a antioxidant and supports intestinal integrity and natural cleansing making it an essential ingredient in any detox plan.

It is used to treat eye, mouth and vaginal infections.

Taken internally it provides nutrients that alleviate rheumatic and arthritic conditions.  

Aloe vera contains chloride, which eases the process of bowel release by increasing the water level in the stool. Its laxative effect is also derived from its inner skin in the form of a yellow, bitter liquid called aloin. This substance, when left to dry, turns into powder that is used to create laxatives. Aloe contains compounds called anthraquinones, including aloin, aloe-emodin, barbaloin and aloectic acid. Together, these compounds provide powerful relief for constipation.

Products containing Aloe Vera include

Nat Lax TNT