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Hemp Original is a great source of:

                                            Complete Proteins

                                            Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids

                                            Dietary Fibre

                                            An array of phyto-nutrients

500g of  powder for £16.50

Simply use as a Protein shake


Meal replacement drink during the day.

Also use before and after exercise.

Mix 1 serving (30g - 4 heaped teaspoons) into Water, Fruit or Vegetable    Juices,Yoghurts, Cereals, Soya, Milk etc.


           Less than £1.00 a serving.

BioKI Hemp Original

with 15 added superfoods and herbs

BioKi Hemp Original is  a complete,balanced and natural plant protein, with 15 other beneficial herbs and superfoods to set this product apart from other single-ingredient hemp protein powders. This makes for a unique, powerhouse combination that not only boosts protein intake, but also supports the immune system, recovery, stamina, performance, antioxidant levels, elimination, cleanse and detox processes, slimming, stable blood sugar levels and more!



Hemp protein (90%) Acai Berry,

Acerola P.E. 25% Vitamin C Alfalfa
Blackcurrant Ext 4:1
Celery Seed
Dandelion Leaf Ext 4:1 Fenugreek
Green Tea Ext 10:1 Montmorency Cherry



NO ADDED: sugar, salt, preservatives, wheat, gluten, lactose, dairy, colours, fillers or flavours.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Usage guidelines:

Mix 1 serving (30g - 4 heaped teaspoons) into water, fruit or vegetable juice, yoghurt, cereal, soya, milk etc.

Made in the UK under GMP standards

This Dietary supplement can help with Energy levels, Fat burning, Nutrient intake, Cleansing and elimination, Stable blood sugar levels Antioxidant levels, Omega oil intake, The immune system, Dietary fibre intake, Muscle recovery, Stamina and performance, Muscular inflammation, Those with poor appetites and Those with specific diets.

As one of the most balanced sources of natural vegetable protein, plus our added superfood and antioxidant ingredients, HempPlus protein powder is a great addition to any diet and can support a variety of health goals.

Below are just a few of the possible ways that HempPlus protein powder could be used.

Natural protein boost: Protein plays a key role in muscle repair, recovery and building mass after training. It is also one of the main sources of energy when following a low carbohydrate diet, which many bodybuilders and athletes do, as it aids in fat loss and can improve muscle definition. HempPlus, with its high quality protein and added nutrients and antioxidants, can therefore provide a beneficial protein boost for anyone who leads an active lifestyle and especially endurance athletes such as runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes.

Hemp Acai berries Acerola cherries Alfalfa Beetroot Blackcurrents Clorella Dandelion root Fenugreek Green tea Celery Monmorency cherries Parsley Spinach Spirulina

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For 500g

Hemp Original

£ 16.50



Highest Quality

Vegan Hemp

Protein Powder

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Meal replacement or healthy snack: Hemp protein is also slow digesting, making it perfect to take before bedtime, between the meals or as a meal replacement. It's high protein content will make you feel fuller for longer and HempPlus’s added nutrients means optimum nutrient levels can be met without adding unhealthy calories. This is good news for those who have problems with cow’s milk and or soya beans. Hemp does not contain the anti-nutrient trypsin inhibitors found in soya milk.

Weight loss aid / women’s fitness: A balanced diet which focuses on the right type of protein and appropriate carbohydrate levels, combined with exercise, is a great way for women to sculpt and tone their bodies, while losing weight. A high-protein diet combined with exercise can also enhance fat loss, improve muscle tone and improve blood fat levels. Protein aids in the repair and growth of muscle, which in turn leads to more calories being burned each day. It also helps people better control their appetites and calorie intake as well as regulating blood sugar levels, reducing sugar and snack cravings.

Dietary supplement: Vegans and vegetarians often find it a challenge to obtain adequate amounts of protein, as their diets do not include the more obvious forms (such as meat, milk and eggs). However, with HempPRO, there is no need for this

lifestyle choice to mean a diet lacking in protein. This plant-based source of protein ensures that a vegan or vegetarian diet contains enough easily digestible protein to support an

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