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Glucomannan: A sugar made from the root of the konjac plant, which has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese cooking as a thickener or gelling agent.

It is so renowned in Japan that it is now widely referred to as “the broom of the intestines".

 is a water-soluble polysaccharide that is classed as a form of soluble dietary fibre and is usually derived from konjac root. As such, it is widely used for the treatment of constipation,

Glucomannan acts to create a sense of fullness (without leaving you feeling gassy or

bloated), by absorbing water and expanding to form a bulky fibre in the stomach. It can therefore assist with appetite control and the regulation of cravings.

When consumed, glucomannan also “sponges” up water in the digestive tract, reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol and thus supporting weight loss.

It can decrease digestive transit time and is viewed as a bilk forming laxative. It is a cleanse and detoxification agent. Glucomannan has also demonstrated significant improvements in the total cholesterol of obese patents. In healthy men, four weeks of taking 3.9 grams of glucomannan decreased total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, triglycerides and systolic blood pressure, triglycerides dropped by 23%.

It has also been used in the treatment of diverticular disease - a preliminary clinical trial found that approximately one-third to one half of people with the disease had reduced symptoms after taking glucommanan.

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